7 Perfect Anti-Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

It’s that time of year again where chubby babies with arrows and disgusting heart-shaped candies abound. Yuck. I think I’ve made my stance on the whole Valentine’s Day nonsense clear before and, in case you were wondering, it hasn’t really changed. Maybe I’m just romantically challenged, I don’t know. But what I do know is every year for Valentine’s Day, I technically have a Valentine and I always ask to receive nothing, because I don’t want anything. Seriously. I definitely sit firmly in the “you should show your special person that you think they’re special all year long” boat. So Valentine’s Day is just crowded, noisy, and annoying. But if you know someone like me and still insist on getting them a present (you sweet-hearted soul, you), then I pulled together a list of acceptable gifts for romance haters, like myself 😉

7 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for People Who Hate Valentine’s Day

Hate You Least Valentine’s Day Card
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Pink and Red Valentine’s Day Inspiration

I have to admit, I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day and all in all I think it’s kind of a stupid holiday, but at the root of it I’m still a girl and that gushy, gross romantic side of me likes to peek out around this time of year. What will the roommate and I be doing this year to celebrate? Same thing as last year, nothing. BUT, that doesn’t mean I can’t still look at all the pink, red, and heart memorabilia right? Here’s what caught my cold, callused Valentine’s day hating eye this year.

Even if you absolutely hate Valentine’s day, it’s impossible to avoid. I don’t plan on celebrating the holiday, but it does give me an excuse to buy a pretty new pink dress! No? Is that not how this works?

What about you? Do you celebrate Valentine’s day every year?

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