Interior Design: French Quarter Haven

I took my first trip ever to New Orleans this past January and those of you that have been before understand – wow. That’s the only word I can use to describe the vibrant and lively French Quarter. Not only is the neighborhood unlike anywhere else in the world for nightlife, but the immense amount of history is breathtaking. The blocks and homes look like they’ve been frozen in time and have this wonderful Spanish feel. And don’t even get me started on the colors! From pastel pink to mint green, you could find a condo in your favorite shade, no problem.

Obviously, as my friend and I walked through the neighborhoods (drink in hand, because you can do that there), we wondered how people lived there and what their homes were like. So when I stumbled across this home tour, I was so excited to find that the homes (at least this one) are exactly how I imagined them to be – intensely colorful and full of life, just like the city itself.

kerry 02
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Interior Design: White Interiors with Lively Details

It’s summer, it’s sunny, and the plants are coming in. There’s nothing more warming for your decor in the summer time than house plants. Do they have to be over-abundant and difficult to care for? Absolutely not. Just like this minimalist home demonstrates with them scattered delicately throughout for a little touch of life.

I like to say that I’m a sucker for a certain type of interior design style or trend, like white walls or rustic accents, but I think I’m just a sucker for interior design in general. There’s nothing specifically about this space that I would want to try in my own apartment or I’ve talked about before, but it just really caught my eye. Somehow, even with all of the minimalist furniture and neutral colors, there’s an inviting warmth to the space. I really think it has something to do with the sunshine and being able to see greenery in every room — either through a window or sitting on a table.

There’s so much that a simple house plant can bring to a space. Just that little touch of life makes a world of difference in the level of coziness to a home. I’m talking about real plants here, even though I do love me some fake flowers, they don’t create the same effect as fresh, blooming buds do. Besides, we’ve all read the articles claiming that gardening relieves stress. Who knows if it’s true (I still feel pretty stressed all the time no matter what), but it can’t hurt to try! There’s also an immense amount of satisfaction that comes from keeping a living thing…living. Trust me, I’ve killed a few house plants in my day, but when you get that one that keeps blooming, it becomes a whole new adventure. 

In addition to the natural, green accents, this home just has these tiny, quirky touches in every room that really help the minimalist pieces and the white walls feel inviting instead of ultra-modern. Homes without charm and quirk often times feel cold and over-done.

Originally found on Planete Deco.

Do you have any house plants in your home?

Rustic, Country-Chic Cottage

My love of rustic, country style is not a secret. I am not ashamed – not anymore anyway. I blame my mother and her love of the outdoors paired with her love of Country Living magazine for my love of Country Living magazine. I remember growing up and thumbing through it’s pages in the small cabin home we have in Wisconsin that my mom decorated with the most well-edited collection of thrift store finds. Now I find myself flipping through slideshows of perfectly placed milk jugs and reclaimed wood walls on their website. Damn you Country Living, you make living in the country see so much more glamorous to a city girl.

Anyway, enough reminiscing. I stumbled across this cottage revival on the website and had to share because it caught my eye with all the things I love – reclaimed wood, teal, vintage charm.

This two-bedroom Gothic Victorian is the stuff of my dreams. You can see the love that went into keeping some of the original elements of the home, while still being able put in personal touches.

Okay, this is obviously staged, but if my china cabinet (if I had a china cabinet) looked like this all the time I would be one happy girl. Seriously, who has dishes like this?

The owner, Cathy Collins, bought the home fully furnished – keeping pieces she saw had potential and scrapping the rest. You can see in the pictures that a lot of the furniture was very Victorian in feel to match the home. Collins has easily turned this theme on it’s head and turned something that could have ended up very stuffy into something light, airy, and modern.

The teal in this wall kills me. Perfect for a country cottage or beach home – gorgeous!

Can’t you just imaging snuggling up with a good book and an iced tea on a hot summer evening?

Check out all the details for this gorgeous space on Country Living.

Do you like the details in this space or did they make it too modern?

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Interior Design: Rustic and Modern Swedish Apartment

If anyone knows how to style a living space, it’s the Swedes. It’s not a secret, I’m sure, but when it come to interior design the Swedish always have their finger right on the pulse There is a reason that people flock to IKEA every weekend, right? This apartment in Gothenburg is no exception, but usually when I think of Swedish design I think of a very modern look. This apartment has a beautiful combination of modern and rustic, just like I love!

The wood accents throughout the living space make a perfect contrast with the stark, white walls. While the furniture is still on the sleek and modern side, the warmth of the brown wood keeps the open space from feeling too clean or sterile. I love the wide open floor plan too! This place just makes such great use of the natural wood beams and pulling them into the apartment. I love how the cupboards in the kitchen play off of the wood beams and floors, but have the metal handles to tie them into the rest of the appliances.

And the entry way has this great, rounded wall of exposed brick. It’s like this place was made from my dreams.

The glass shelving built into the wood beams is just perfect! What a great way to make use of the architecture of the space. Although, I would probably have used white boards instead, just because glass tops make me nervous. I’m a clumsy human.

Rooftop views don’t hurt. How do I get visa status in Sweden again?
I first found this post on FreshHome

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Interior Design: Modern Luxury in Glass and Cement

As is evidenced by most of the interior design posts on this blog, I am not a big fan of modern or simple or clean. Generally, the more cluttered…er…cozy, the better. I just always seem to gravitate towards bay windows and decorative crown molding. I can’t help it. It’s a disease. This home in São Paulo, however, may have just converted me.

Take my breath away with these windows and the wood finishing. Who knew glass, cement, and wood could feel so welcoming? I’m not particularly impressed with the exterior architecture of the house, but the interior reminds be of a mix of a modern university and a swanky cafe – two things I obviously love.

The shelving in this hallway also reminds me of a library, which is always a draw for me.

The floor plan is already pretty open on this building, but the addition of the giant all glass walls really make it feel like the space goes on forever. Even in the hallway above you can see that it’s not particularly wide, but it feels enormous. I love the glass wall trick for smaller spaces, especially when it’s overlooking a gorgeous little courtyard. But that’s a no duh.

I just love how the architects added warmth to the stainless steel kitchen with the wood paneled ceiling! So much grey and steel in a kitchen can feel cold and sterile, but the little splash of wood up top and the tan colored tiles really help to break it up and pull it into the next room. I am a fan.

Again, I think the exterior is boring. Or rather, it’s been done. But the little details on the interior really make this place perfect for living in modern luxury in São Paulo.

What do you think? Love it or leave it?

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