Home Tour: A Chicago Apartment with Rustic Touches

Surprise! Today’s home decor feature is my apartment! I was inspired by Compass, a real estate website in NYC, and their Starter Stories project to share with you my new apartment and all the work that my boyfriend and I have put into making it home. Since it’s our first apartment together, it’s most definitely been a learning process that has involved a lot of compromise. We’ve only been in the space for about 6 months, so there are still a lot of things that we’re figuring out how to make work, but I am finally ready to do a little unveiling and let you all into my world! Especially since I’ve been talking about this new apartment constantly (like here and here and here, for example).

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Interior Photography: Lucas Allen

As you can probably infer from this blog, I am a lover of interior design and spend much of my free time admiring beautifully designed spaces on sites like ELLE Decor and Country Living (yes, Country Living. Don’t knock it ’til you try it). Of course, a huge part of the reason that these spaces are so drool worthy is the photography (Don’t act like you’ve never salivated over a living room before. Oh, no? Just me?). Having a gorgeously designed space is obviously key, but it’s really the eye of the photographer that can take something from being pretty to phenomenal. That’s why I also browse the work of photographers that do interior photography too. You’ll be amazed at the spaces you can find in some of these collections.

While hunting the Internet for a new space to share with you guys today, I re-found Lucas Allen. This talented photographer has worked with the likes of Real Simple, Crate & Barrel, House Beautiful and more. In his portfolio, you can see why these big names would look to him to create the images that live in their glossy pages. His work is always bright, clean, and open – perfectly showcasing the design elements.
It’s not just the space, it’s the composition and angle of the photograph that really make you love some of these homes, but you can see that for yourself in the collection below.

I just pulled some of the ones that I thought were the most striking, but it was a tough choice. I love how all of his photographs capture the mood of the space. Like in the picture below you can really see how wide open this home is.

Gorgeous! This room is obviously dark and moody and that comes across perfectly.

Do you follow and interior photographers? Share your favorites in the comments! 

Photo Friday: Colorize Me

I love seeing old photos colorized, mainly because I don’t understand the process. I never was a very good artist, so the idea of doing these by hand baffles me. Still, I love vintage photographs and seeing them in color just makes them seem so much more alive – like you could jump into them and across time like Doctor Who. This collection of vintage photographs is particularly interesting because it doesn’t focus on a specific subject matter. The subject is people, yes, but people from across different ages, classes, races, and cultures. For a girl who can’t get her head out of the past, it’s really fun to see this kind of range of vintage photography!

Check out all the photos and details on Twisted Sifter. 

Photo Friday: Self Examination

You guys, 2013 is almost over. How did that happen? It’s so weird how time just seems to go by faster and faster as you get older. No one really warns you about that when you’re growing up. Soon I’ll blink and a year will pass me by. Actually, I think that just happened.

With the year ending, I though this was a perfect time to share this photography series by a very talented young photographer and his collection of self-portraits. To combat his social anxieties, Kyle Thompson started experimenting with photography and used the only subject he had around – himself. The result is something fantastic that shows his tremendous talent.

Magical and whimsical, his work speaks to a vast imagination and I am definitely a new fan. The self portrait series is really interesting because it doesn’t focus on his face or even everyday events. Instead, there’s is a mix of mystery, fantasy, and  reality. I love it! 

This one is probably my favorite. It just makes me think of Gulliver’s Travels and book nerds love anything that reminds them of books – a little life lesson for you.

Right now, as everyone is going through a bit of self-examination, it seemed appropriate to share how Thompson went through his. Now it’s time for me to get off the Internet and do a little of my own. Hope you’re as excited for what the new year has to bring as I am!

Already a fan of Kyle Thompson? Make sure to check out his website!

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