Vintage Meets Modern Design: Styling a Vintage Coffee Table

We all do it, right? You find something you just have to have at a garage/estate/moving sale and you pick it up even though you have no idea how it’s going to work in your home. Okay, maybe that’s just me, because I have a serious shopping addiction. But, I know that I’ve had friends just fall in love with a piece of furniture and pass it up because they didn’t know how it would work with all their modern IKEA decor. Well, fear not, friends! Today I wanted to talk a little bit about styling vintage coffee tables with your modern day decor, because it is do-able and it can be fan-tastic!

*Coffee tables are one of most common items I hear people saying they don’t know how to style, but if you have a request for something, please leave it in the comments! I’ll try to get to it in my next post. 

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Home Tour: A Chicago Apartment with Rustic Touches

Surprise! Today’s home decor feature is my apartment! I was inspired by Compass, a real estate website in NYC, and their Starter Stories project to share with you my new apartment and all the work that my boyfriend and I have put into making it home. Since it’s our first apartment together, it’s most definitely been a learning process that has involved a lot of compromise. We’ve only been in the space for about 6 months, so there are still a lot of things that we’re figuring out how to make work, but I am finally ready to do a little unveiling and let you all into my world! Especially since I’ve been talking about this new apartment constantly (like here and here and here, for example).

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Monday Design: New York Chic

There’s nothing I love more than a home tour of an interior designer, because I always imagine that they live perfectly – no book out of place, no dirty laundry on the floor, no dishes in the sink. This is, I realize, a perfectly unrealistic point of view, but the magazine spreads make me believe it’s true! Anyway, I found this home our of interior designer Rodman Primack, Californian living in New York, and was instantly smitten. It was definitely cleaned and staged, but something about it still feels beautifully lived in. And not lived in like my apartment is lived in, where you’re constantly tripping over someone’s shoes. No, not like that. See for yourself.

I love these shelves and how organized everything looks, even though he obviously has a large collection of things. However, even though there is a large assortment of knick knacks, they all have a similar sensibility and style that really make this apartment come to life. It’s not just gorgeous, it’s alive.  
Gnome in the fireplace? Yes, please! Also, I love this collection of rugs. They really flow together and make the apartment feel cozy even though they’re totally mis-matched and don’t fit the area perfectly. I bet he finds a lot of cool stuff in thrift stores and junk shops around New York.
Art, art, everywhere! I think that’s the answer to a happy home and a happy life. 

 New need: a gorgeous quilted bedspread!

 Originally found on Planete Deco.

 Plus, the apartment comes with this guy. Where do I sign up?

What do you think? Too stylized or comfortably cluttered? 

Interior Design: Gallery Walls

I’m moving into a new place June 1st and I couldn’t be more excited to have the ability to plan and decorate this time around. When I moved into this apartment, my first apartment, everything was kind of rushed and I didn’t take time to really plan out the space. It’s come together in the three years that I’ve lived here, but now not only will I have time, I’ll also have space! I’ll get to have space and lots of white walls to decorate. So I’ve been imagining a gallery wall above my TV for a long time and just haven’t gotten excited about anything. Now that I’ll have the space to fill, my love of gallery walls has been renewed!

This probably makes me a really bad vegetarian, but I love gallery walls that incorporate antlers. In my defense, deer do shed their antlers. Not in my defense, originally I wanted a whole deer head. It turns out they’re really expensive, so I down graded to fake deer head or antlers. Either way, one of the two will be incorporated into my living room gallery wall, so I found a few walls for inspiration!

Of course, I love rustic interior design and I think the antlers will really help pull the style together. However, the point of a gallery wall is to put up a lot of things you love so I love the designs that use more than just picture frames to create that full, warm look. 

 Now the struggle for me will be pulling together a bunch of things that I want to look at every day that also all work well together. I’ll try to get an update here once I do get it up, maybe with some tips on what to do (and what definitely not to do) if you’d like to make your own!

Do you have a gallery wall in your home? How did you decide what to include?

Interior Design: Rustic and Modern Swedish Apartment

If anyone knows how to style a living space, it’s the Swedes. It’s not a secret, I’m sure, but when it come to interior design the Swedish always have their finger right on the pulse There is a reason that people flock to IKEA every weekend, right? This apartment in Gothenburg is no exception, but usually when I think of Swedish design I think of a very modern look. This apartment has a beautiful combination of modern and rustic, just like I love!

The wood accents throughout the living space make a perfect contrast with the stark, white walls. While the furniture is still on the sleek and modern side, the warmth of the brown wood keeps the open space from feeling too clean or sterile. I love the wide open floor plan too! This place just makes such great use of the natural wood beams and pulling them into the apartment. I love how the cupboards in the kitchen play off of the wood beams and floors, but have the metal handles to tie them into the rest of the appliances.

And the entry way has this great, rounded wall of exposed brick. It’s like this place was made from my dreams.

The glass shelving built into the wood beams is just perfect! What a great way to make use of the architecture of the space. Although, I would probably have used white boards instead, just because glass tops make me nervous. I’m a clumsy human.

Rooftop views don’t hurt. How do I get visa status in Sweden again?
I first found this post on FreshHome

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