Interior Design: French Quarter Haven

I took my first trip ever to New Orleans this past January and those of you that have been before understand – wow. That’s the only word I can use to describe the vibrant and lively French Quarter. Not only is the neighborhood unlike anywhere else in the world for nightlife, but the immense amount of history is breathtaking. The blocks and homes look like they’ve been frozen in time and have this wonderful Spanish feel. And don’t even get me started on the colors! From pastel pink to mint green, you could find a condo in your favorite shade, no problem.

Obviously, as my friend and I walked through the neighborhoods (drink in hand, because you can do that there), we wondered how people lived there and what their homes were like. So when I stumbled across this home tour, I was so excited to find that the homes (at least this one) are exactly how I imagined them to be – intensely colorful and full of life, just like the city itself.

kerry 02
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Loving Right Now: Kitschy Vintage Kitchen Decor

I’m still in the process of trying to make my new apartment feel like a home and it’s been so hard to focus on just one room. I want to buy everything, for every room, all at once! Anyone else understand this feeling?

Of course, I can’t do that because as much as I wish I am, I am not a millionaire. So, I’ve been doing it slowly — paycheck by painstaking paycheck and cutting corners where I can. Like the responsible human being that I am. Unfortunately, all this has allowed me to do is continue adding items to an ever growing list of “wants”. That combined with my inability to focus on one room has created an odd list and caused be to buy things on impulse – making for some very odd, half-finished rooms. To combat this insanity, I’ve decided to share it with you! Aren’t you excited? In an effort to focus, I’m just going to share my wants, my loves, my hopes, and my dreams for my new apartment room by room. Maybe that way I won’t wonder why I have an extensive plate collection for the kitchen walls but still no table for the craft room (yes, this is a real problem).

This is not a picture of my kitchen, I just wish it was. But I am stealing this idea of keeping stuff above the cabinets. 

Today, I’m starting with the kitchen! I’ve just got a tiled backsplash put in (courtesy of my very handy father), so now I’m super motivated to get at least the kitchen feeling like it’s finished. I love the idea of painting the inside of the cabinets, or at least putting contact paper up on just the back wall. BUT my kitchen color scheme is currently this kind of mint green and red combo, with a pop of yellow, so I think adding more color to the backs of the cabinets might just be too much.

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The SMEG Revolution

The SMEG Revolution is upon us. Yes, it’s true. Hold on to your hats people. For those of you interested in the interior design world, those that follow interior design blogs, or, heck, even just hang out on Pinterest sometimes, you’re familiar with the SMEG refrigerator. It’s the vintage, candy-colored appliance of your dreams. And it costs a pretty penny to make your kitchen look like it has hopped out of the 1950s, so, for most of us, it has always been very much a dream. Well, dream no more my design friends! Your kitchen appliances are so close to being candy-colored, you should almost be able to taste it!

That’s right, SMEG is in the process of launching their small appliance line. Do you know what that means? One day you could be popping toast into your SMEG toaster and pouring tea from your minimalist SMEG tea kettle! All my retro kitchen dream could be a reality!

 Personally, I think I’m going to start saving my pennies for a toaster, but I also need a stand mixer (hint, hint, Christmas is coming). So we’ll see what happens, if anything. But what I love about these designs is that they’re so charmingly 50s in the sense that they all kind of look like space ships. It’s the future from the 50s standpoint and it’s awesome. That retro space vibe, like you see when watching the Jetsons, is so kitschy and fun.

UPDATE: Just kidding, you can snag the toaster and the mixer at West Elm. But they are by no means a steal. Start saving those nickels and dimes right now!

I mean, just look how good they look in their natural habitats. (Also, this kitchen looks gorgeous, I must find more pictures.

As for price point, they seem to still be rolling these models out, so I’m not sure where you can buy them currently. However, I’m hoping that a toaster will be around regular toaster prices. It remains to be seen! In the meantime, BRB while I daydream about which colors would match my teal green kitchen the best.

What do you think? Awesome retro design or over-hyped?

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Interior Design: Mint Green Kitchens

Newest update in my new apartment adventures: I now have mint green walls in my kitchen! Two walls to be exact. We left the rest of the kitchen white. In a fit of paint whimsy, I bought a whole gallon of mint green paint because I was really excited about the color, without having a plan for it. (I’m the worst) So it went in the kitchen. While I was extremely excited about it during the painting process, I started second guessing myself afterwards (naturally) and hating it inwardly for being too bright (naturally). So what does anyone do when worried about their design choices? Turn to Pinterest, naturally! I immediately turned to Pinterest to confirm that my design choice was, in fact, not insane and that we could absolutely pull off a mint green kitchen with dark wood accents and black floors (Pictures to come soon, I promise. It was already dark when we had finished painting.) – and Pinterest did alleviate all my design woes.

I’m still not 100% confident that I will be able to pull it off when moving in time comes, but now I have a starting point for inspiration. The one downside is that I really, really wanted to pull the whole house into one color scheme so that everything flowed together. HOWEVER, I’m starting to really fall in love with how the mint walls look with red accents. Good thing for me, my man-friend was really pushing for red to be in the scheme. I’ll just act like it’s a compromise and I’m throwing him a bone (I really hope he doesn’t read this thing). Anyway, I’ll see what works. In the meantime, take a look at all of these lovely mint green kitchen designs and try not to drool with jealousy over their design prowess. 

Moral of the story? As long as I keep everything else in the kitchen/breakfast nook area in the neutral sphere, I should be okay. Right? 

If you had mint green walls in the kitchen or anywhere, how would you decorate? 

Looking for more inspiration? Try my Pinterest account. Oh, I’ll be pinning all day long until my apartment is done. You’ve been warned. 

Interior Design: Living in a Library

How is it November already? I think I blinked and missed all of summer this year. It’s strange how much faster time flies the older you get. With every immaculately designed house I find, I think about the bits and pieces I’d like to incorporate into my own home one day and with every day that goes by, that becomes more of a reality. How weird is that? To think that one day I could own a living space that’s not the size of a shoebox is crazy. 

Anyway, the point of all that babble was this home design. Ever since I was little and I saw my first high shelves with a rolling ladder, I decided that one day I was going to have the same thing in my house. Mostly because it reminded me of that magical library in Beauty in the Beast and that’s what every little girl who reads wants to see (amirite?). The dream has not died for me and when I saw this home design it screamed my name.
Of course, there are high shelves and rolling ladders throughout this house because it was a public library in another life! I think I would still love the design in this home without knowing that, but I have to admit that knowing it used to be a library makes the book nerd in me very happy. Besides, there also seem to be books tucked into every room. 

I love the way the kitchen bleeds into the living room, making the space open and inviting.

OMG this chair is like something out of a Tim Burton movie. Where do I get one? I need it NOW.

Doesn’t the fireplace surrounded by wood and these mid-century inspired chairs just scream cozy?

That’s it folks! This house is a perfect combination of elegance and rustic charm. I would steal the rolling ladders and the layout immediately! Even though it’s not a mansion, the house feels enormous because of that shared open space. I could read while someone cooked me dinner in there, no problem 😉

Is there anything in this home that’d you would love to teleport into your dream home?

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