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What I Wore: The 70s Summer Edition

Summer is here! Minus all the rain, it’s been a pretty perfect start to summer. With music festivals, movies in the park, pool parties, and long days at the beach all around the corner, it’s time to start finalizing that summer style. My style? 70s gypsy/biker. Does it suit me? Nope, I don’t think so. Do I care? No! I’m going to make it work because I want to and that’s that.

Outfit Details:
Crochet Sleeveless Top – Vintage
Wide Leg Print Pants – local boutique (similar pants)
Black Wedge Sandals – Target
Wide Brim Sun Hat – Old Navy
This was actually my birthday outfit last week, because I threw a little pool party and this is the fabulous outfit I put together so that I wouldn’t be sitting around in a bikini all day. Plus, I really wanted to play hostess, so it seemed like a appropriate hostess outfit. Long story short, the pants were super 70s, the shirt is actually from the 70s, and my shoes are platforms — it all just seemed to work so perfectly together. It’s probably my favorite birthday outfit to date.

To complete my ideal look of the summer, I need to add high-waisted, bell bottom jeans, more platforms, ripped up band t-shirts, and way more turquoise jewelry to my wardrobe (way more).  Does anyone know where I can find bell bottom jeans that don’t look tacky? Either way, I have a long way to go before I perfect my summer 70s look, and that means that I have a lot of shopping to do. Oh, dear. How will I survive? I think I’m going to try and thrift up some old band tees and alter them as a money saving tactic. If I do, keep your eyes here for a tutorial!

In the meantime, I’ll be rocking that 70s vibe in the ways I know how to. Which are basically this:

A big thank you to my photographer Holly and her husband-to-be who just had to be in this blog post. Isn’t he fabulous? It’s nice having neighbors that talk to you.

What’s your summer style?

Tutorial: DIY Hanging Necklace Organizer

Maybe you’re not like me and you’re ahead of the game, but winter makes me not want to do a thing. I am definitely on the new-year-lets-get-organized-bandwagon, but I suck. So, it takes me forever to get anything done. I’m working through stuff slowly. First the clothes, then the jewelry, and finally the craft supplies. I’ve gotten as far as the jewelry! We can call that progress, right?

Anyway, I wanted to share a tutorial with you guys today on how I got all my necklaces organized for under $15. Organization on the cheap is my middle name (you have no idea how many glass jars I have saved just for this reason). When I realized my old method of displaying my necklaces was falling apart and totally ineffective, I figured it was time to make something new. Ta-da! The Hanging Necklace Organizer Tutorial was born. (Apologies in advance for the lack of photos. I need to get better at taking pictures at night)

Without further ado..

Two 1/2 inch dowels
Saw and sand paper (optional)
1 roll of jute twine (or yarn or hemp or anything you’d like, as long as it’s sturdy)
Craft paint and paint brush (optional)
1 package of screw-in hooks
Measuring tape
Reliable glue (I used fabric glue)

1. Measure out the space you have available on your wall and mark your dowels if they are too long. Cut off the extra with the saw and then sand down the ends to smooth them.

1a. I wanted by necklace organizer to be staggered because I thought it would look cuter so after I measured out how much space I had on my wall, I but one dowel to fit that (the bottom dowel) and the other I cut about an inch and half shorter (the top dowel). If you like them even, skip this step!

2. You can paint your dowels in your favorite color and let them dry completely. If you like the wood look, skip this step.

3. Get out your measuring tape and mark out how far apart you’d like your hooks. I did an inch and a half between each one. It’s easier to mark your if you tape the measuring tape to the table and hold down the dowel. You’ll want to make your mark a “t” instead of just a line to help screw in your hooks evenly.

4. Time to start screwing in all the hooks! There are two ways to do this. I did it the hard way.
Hard way (but still totally do-able!): hold the dowel in one hand and screw in each screw until it’s straight with the other hand. Finish screwing it in with a pair of pliers. This will take a while, but it is worth it!
Easy way (if you own a Dremel tool): drill a tiny hole on each of your marks, not too deep. Screw in the hooks the rest of the way.

The wood will splinter and crack a little bit, but as long as you can pull on the hook and it feels sturdy, it’ll sit fine.

5. Once you’re done screwing in all the hooks, you’re ready to connect them! Measure out how far apart you’d like your dowel’s to hang (mine hang about 9 inches apart) and add about 6 inches to that length to have enough jute twince to wrap around each end (I cut two pieces about 15 inches long).

6. I wanted to reinforce by twine because I wasn’t sure how heavy the necklaces would be so I tripled each side. In total, I cut 6 pieces, 15 inches long, to use 3 for one side and 3 for the other.

7. Put a little glue at the end of your top dowel, leave about an inch or so tail, and start wrapping the twine to cover the glue. Once your end is covered, tie the tail to the remaining long end. Repeat on the other side.

8. Put a little glue on the end of the bottom dowel and start wrapping the twin around from about three inches from the end. Wrap until the glue is covered and leave about an inch to tie to the long end. Repeat on the other side, but make sure you start wrapping the twine at the same length or your hanger will be crooked.

9. Repeat the same process as above for measuring and tripling the twine to create the piece to hang the organizer from. Mine was probably about 2 feet and I cut 3 pieces to strengthen the twine.

10. Put a little glue down and wrap the last piece of twine around the two ends of the top dowel. Secure with a knot and let the glue dry over night.

11. Hang it up and get organized!

I’m glad I reinforced the twine on mine because (as you can see) I have quite a few necklaces, but if your collection isn’t as…er..extensive as mine, you should be fine with just one length of twine!

I also have an earring organizer tutorial coming up for those of us with extensive collections!

What do you need help organizing most?

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Thursday Tutorial: The Tiny Flowers Bracelet

I have to be honest with you guys, I have been sitting on this one for a long time. In fact, one of the outtakes from this tutorial is a shot of a severe snowstorm happening outside my window. Yea, that long. So I apologize for being a crafty but lazy blogger. Anyway, since summer is coming I thought it was still a good time to share this tutorial for my tiny flowers bracelet!

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What I Wore: The Long Skirts Edition

So I have to apologize, mostly to myself but some to anyone who’s noticed. I’ve been in a blogging slump these last few months and I just haven’t been able to shake off these blogging blues (cue the acoustic guitar and raspy voice). I’ve been ignoring my Etsy stores too even though I have been collecting cute vintage clothes and making jewelry again. Still, I somehow could not get myself motivated. But now that warm weather is here and the trees have finally started to bloom, I feel refreshed! 
So here’s to getting my lazy butt back in gear and not being a disappointment of a blogger anymore! 

As a first step, I updated the Etsy shop! Okay, I won’t lie to you. I added two new items. But after a hiatus of months, this is a big step for me. One of the items in the shop right now is this skirt in today’s outfit post!

Now I actually love this skirt and it was mine for a while when I was really into my big, full skirts phase two years ago. Since then, it’s been collecting dust so I thought it was time to give it a new home. It was definitely handmade with love a long time ago, and is in great condition.

I thought about keeping it and hemming it, but that would take away from what I loved about it when I first found it – the length. And just because I’m not wearing that many midi skirts nowadays, doesn’t mean you can’t!

A note on long skirts: people always say to me, “You’re lucky you’re tall because you can wear long skirts and not look dumpy.” Well, that’s not totally true. Certain long skirts look dumpy on me too. The trick is finding that sweet spot for your body type and working it. I’m pretty bottom heavy, so in reality midi skirts don’t suit me that well either if I’m not wearing heels. But if I can show off a little more leg (ooo-la-la), then it works much better. And I am all for everyone wearing maxi dresses and skirts. I think they just look beautiful whether you’re short or tall! But if you are short, I might have to do a tutorial on some easy hemming techniques. No one likes stepping on their own dress, I get that.

Because the pattern in the skirt is so repetitive and tiny, I tried to keep the rest of the outfit very simple so that it wouldn’t be too much on the eye. I did, however, stick with bright colors because (duh!) it’s spring!

(FOR YI, this is me having fun. By myself. In a forest preserve. Everyone that drove near me quickly drove away. I am NOT ashamed! [Okay, yea. It was a little embarrassing]).

I’m also bringing back this puppy dog belt because I forgot I owned it and it’s just adorable. I mean come on! They’re kissing. What? Too cute.

Has the weather put a fresh spring into your step too? (Pun totally intended because I’m a huge cheese ball!)

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Monday Design: Country Home

I think I might secretly be a small town girl at heart. Although I wouldn’t really know since I’ve only ever lived in big cities. I probably would get bored if I moved out to some town where the downtown consisted of 6 city blocks. Unless of course I could live in a little country home like this one.

This little country cottage style home is so adorable. The fresh and modern french country design of the home is paired beautifully with upgraded rustic elements. This house has all those lamps, tables, chairs, and decorative elements that are sanded and brushed to look worn before that happens – when they’re still shiny and new.

 I love the neon bright pops of pink in this bedroom, especially compared to the neutral color pallet of the rest of the house.

These adorable branch jewelry holders look like something from! I’m such a sucker for everything on that website.

Are you a country or a city kind of person?

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