What I Wore: The Time Travel Edition

I’ve been obsessed with 70s style all summer. I don’t know why or where this love of all things 70s-biker-chic came from, but I’m into it. So into it, in fact, that all I can do is daydream about moving to California and riding on the back of a motorcycle over winding trails. I better re-watch Sons of Anarchy or something.

Anyway, that’s where today’s outfit inspiration is stemming from. Ever since I started this weird, retro 70s obsession, I’ve been hunting for a pair of high-waisted, tight, bell bottom jeans. They were surprisingly hard to find. Or maybe not so surprisingly, if you’re a sane person, unlike me. But find them I did and my world will never been the same.

Now, I don’t love jeans; I don’t love pants, in general. I’m really a dresses and skirts kind of gal. But, again, you can’t be gypsy, biker 70s chic without them. Right? Right. So, I think my obsessive search paid off.

 Outfit Details:
High waisted bell bottoms – Urban Outfitters (duh, who else would carry these?)
Belt – “borrowed” from the man-friend

Now, I live in kind of a redneck part of town. Oh yes, there are redneck parts in Chicago — it is the Midwest we’re talking about here. Standing around in an eagle tee and bell bottom jeans doesn’t really draw much attention. In fact, it kind of just helps me fit in. There are old cars being worked on as far as the eye can see. However, I don’t know how confident I would be taking the high-waisted bell bottoms to the streets. I haven’t tried it yet. Something about it still feels a little gimmicky. I’m working on finding a way to naturally fit the look into my personal style without forcing it.

That’s one thing I always struggle with when it comes to style changes or incorporating trends into a look. You’ve all seen this, often times it can look really forced. Like those grandmas on the train in cosmic print (I think) leggings. I know they’re comfy, but they have an age limit. There’s a lot to be said for personal style, it becomes your signature. It’s how people know and understand you. That’s why sometimes you’ll say (or maybe you’ve even heard this about yourself), “You look SO different outside of work!” to a co-worker. Do they look different? No. But because you only know their personal style to be office wear, they seem to take on a whole different personality in different clothes. It’s super important to stay true to yourself when you’re trying to work in trends or new styles, not only to not look like you’re wearing a costume, but so that you feel comfortable, confident, and sexy in your new digs! Obviously.

I break in new style or trends slowly, because I always feel like I’m wearing a costume at first. I’ll mix and match some new piece with a few old favorite and see what works. I’d like to say that changing your personal style is easy and it always works, but sometimes you just gotta scrap that trend and go back to what makes you feel like you.

Long story short, we’ll see how long these jeans stay in the rotation. I might even wear them to work this week. But, at the end of the day, they might just be another addition to the back of my closet.

*Also featured in today’s post is my man-friend’s 1973 Glacier Blue International Scout. It runs, sometimes. Mostly, I just love how it looks. He’s put a lot of love and time into the thing, so I can’t not like it. Plus it makes for a great backdrop today.

How do you incorporate trends into your look?

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What I Wore: White Summer Dress Edition

A few weeks ago I talked about my love of summer whites, especially when you’ve got that sun-kissed summer glow going on. Something about that summer heat just screams a need for bright whites and bright colors, which was definitely the inspiration for today’s outfit.

White in the summer is the easiest thing to style in the world, because, for the most part, you let the accessories add the interest and let the white speak for itself. It’s, literally, a blank canvas for your accessories and I am an accessory junkie, so it’s no wonder that I wait all year round to bust out the white dresses again. In the sweltering heat of summer, there’s nothing that feels cleaner than a fresh, white dress or t-shirt. I mean there is just something swoon-worthy about a guy in blue jeans and a white tee — am I right?

 Outfit Details:
ASOS Short Sleeve Swing Dress – they unfortunately don’t have the white anymore
Ankle Strap Heels – H&M (now on sale!)
Chunky Necklace – Local boutique (similar style necklaces)
Beaded Clutch – Local boutique (similar style clutch

Anyway, for this one, I picked out some of my brightest accessories and wanted to make the clutch the focal point of the outfit so I kept the other accessories solid, but still bright. Looking back, I think I could have added a little more color, but overall I loved being about to show off the shoes and the clutch because, you know, I’m a show off. Or something. I think this combination of style would work for a day date or a night out, but white just works for everything, doesn’t it?

 Jewelry Details:
I am a big jewelry fan, obviously that stems from my accessory addiction. My jewelry collection is very extensive. I probably own hundreds of rings. I don’t know and I’d rather not count because I think it would be shaming to me. But, I do love a good find, so I wanted to take a minute to talk about Dixi. I’m pretty much in love with everything they carry and have been for a while, but I got my first shipment in from them about a month ago and I think I wear these pieces pretty much every other day. They are definitely worth checking out. A note though: they are based out of the UK so the sizing is European and the rings are tiny. I almost thought they wouldn’t fit. Unfortunately, the only really carry two sizes for rings right now, so if something sounds small, it probably is. The knuckle rings fit perfectly, but I’ll probably stick with bracelets and necklaces from now on. 

What are your favorite details to pair with a white outfit?

What I Wore: The 70s Summer Edition

Summer is here! Minus all the rain, it’s been a pretty perfect start to summer. With music festivals, movies in the park, pool parties, and long days at the beach all around the corner, it’s time to start finalizing that summer style. My style? 70s gypsy/biker. Does it suit me? Nope, I don’t think so. Do I care? No! I’m going to make it work because I want to and that’s that.

Outfit Details:
Crochet Sleeveless Top – Vintage
Wide Leg Print Pants – local boutique (similar pants)
Black Wedge Sandals – Target
Wide Brim Sun Hat – Old Navy
This was actually my birthday outfit last week, because I threw a little pool party and this is the fabulous outfit I put together so that I wouldn’t be sitting around in a bikini all day. Plus, I really wanted to play hostess, so it seemed like a appropriate hostess outfit. Long story short, the pants were super 70s, the shirt is actually from the 70s, and my shoes are platforms — it all just seemed to work so perfectly together. It’s probably my favorite birthday outfit to date.

To complete my ideal look of the summer, I need to add high-waisted, bell bottom jeans, more platforms, ripped up band t-shirts, and way more turquoise jewelry to my wardrobe (way more).  Does anyone know where I can find bell bottom jeans that don’t look tacky? Either way, I have a long way to go before I perfect my summer 70s look, and that means that I have a lot of shopping to do. Oh, dear. How will I survive? I think I’m going to try and thrift up some old band tees and alter them as a money saving tactic. If I do, keep your eyes here for a tutorial!

In the meantime, I’ll be rocking that 70s vibe in the ways I know how to. Which are basically this:

A big thank you to my photographer Holly and her husband-to-be who just had to be in this blog post. Isn’t he fabulous? It’s nice having neighbors that talk to you.

What’s your summer style?

What I Wore: The Starting Over Edition

If you’ve been following along with the blog lately, you’ll know that I’ve been in the throws of a big move to a new apartment (and, by consequence, missing from the blog for the last month). It’s been a very weird transition for me because I went from living in a trendy, busy neighborhood to a really residential part of Chicago. It’s definitely been a change of pace – almost like starting over with a whole new life. Even though I still live in the same city, Chicago is big enough that moving across town feel like a whole different world.

What does that mean for my personal style? I definitely feel the pressure to be more laid-back an conservative around all these families, but, at the same time, I still love my crazy prints and crop tops. How can I stay true to my personal fashion without scaring my neighbors? Maybe it’s not possible.

Anyway, the point of this very winded story is that the blog might become the only place where I can indulge in all my crop top, sparkle, leopard print fantasies. So I’m apologizing in advance if my style seems to get a little wild on here in the next few months.

Today’s outfit isn’t a good example of that. I would call this tame. Wouldn’t you? I picked up this adorable atomic print dress on ASOS on sale (of course) and I’m so in love with it! It’s fun, it’s cute, and it’s definitely the right shape for my body type. 

 Outfit Details:

High Heeled Oxfords – Urban Outfitters forever ago, but I found these similar ones on Modcloth
Hat – Also from Urban forever ago 

What I wanted to talk about here a little bit, in keeping with the starting over theme, is dressing for your own body type. This is something that took me a long, long, LONG time to learn, because sometimes you find something that is just adorable and you need to have it. But, as I’m sure you’ve all found out, it just look terrible on you. That’s not because everything looks terrible on you, it’s just because it was made for someone with straight lines and, honey, you’ve got curves (yea, I’m speaking to you and myself here, because I’m weird and losing it) and that’s okay. It took me a long time to embrace the fact that not every cut, ruffle, and flounce is going to look good on me. No matter how hard I tried to make it work.

Well, if that lesson was a hard one to learn, an even harder one that I’m struggling with now is that our bodies are not constant. Yes, the general shape stays the same, but the things that looked great on me at 20, do not fit me the same way at 25. This is not a conversation about weight gain. Weight fluctuates and your size will too, we all get this. What I’m talking about here is your hips getting wider, your legs changing shape, and, are your boobs still growing, because it feels like mine are a different size every month. THESE are the fluctuations and changes that I was not prepared for. Once I figured out my body type, I though it was over. Done. I figured it out. I’m good. Thanks.

Wrong. It’s like you have to re-evaluate your body every 3 years to see what stuck around and what could use a new ruffle or two. I understand this also has a lot to do with growing up and gaining (and sometimes losing confidence) but I’d like to think it’s not a body image issue as much as it is acceptance and understanding.

Take this dress for example, it’s a shape that I would not have worn 3 years ago, because it just wasn’t flattering on me. Now, I’m a slave to the a-line. Slave. Does that mean that I have given up on the pencil skirt? No, obviously. But I am much more conscious of what kind of pencil skirt it is. The longer, the better.

I’m still figuring it out, my growing figure, but instead of being upset or worried about it, I’m excited! All it means is that I get to shop more. A lot more. I mean, I have to figure out what works, don’t I? 😉

In the meantime, I’ll be setting up my craft room/Etsy store photo studio in my new apartment and getting back to work at full speed very soon!

Are you trying to figure out this ever-changing body type too? How are you dealing?

What I Wore: The Pencil Skirt Edition

There are certain things you always need in your closet. One is a dress perfect for your body type that makes you feel great. Another is a pair of jeans that works for errands or going out. And the last thing is a an office appropriate pencil skirt. I don’t care what you think about your body type, a pencil skirt makes anyone look hot and classy – that’s a dangerous combo. I think my collection of pencil skirts will forever be growing and changing because whether you wear it with a cardigan and heels to work or a t-shirt and boots out to a concert, it always works. Always.

I have a collection of a pencil skirts for every season, but finding a good sweater skirt can sometimes be a hassle. They point of a pencil skirt is that they are slimming and sweater ones can sometimes look bulky. However, this vintage skirt is just the right mix of sensible and adorable.

 Outfit Details:
Pink Sweater Vintage Pencil Skirt – Stranger Than Vintage
Lace Details Shirt – Forever 21
Brown Waist Belt – similar belt
Brown Boots – Delia’s 

With spring coming, now’s the time to actually show off your sweater wear instead of hiding it under bulky jackets. Bare legs, sweater skirt, and a sheer top is what spring is all about! Also, I’m a sucker for lace. I think if you pair lace with anything it instantly feel more elegant and feminine, which is kind of what I was going for in this shoot.

I’m obsessed with this necklace. I got it at a craft fair in Chicago last summer and completely forgot the shop’s name. I’m going back this summer and dammit, they better be there. Expect a feature if I can find them!

What are the 3 things that you need in your closet?