What I Wore: The 60s Shift Edition

Ah, estate sale shopping. That is the life. If my day job could be hunting for gems at estate sales, I’d be one happy camper. Unfortunately, it’s just a hobby for now, but when you hit a jackpot it’s oh-so-satisfying! I stumbled across a gorgeous collection that belonged to a little stylish lady who travled a lot in her lifetime with her husband. The collection of souvenir plates in their home was out of this world. But, naturally, I gravitated towards the closets and I was not disappointed. This little number is definitely one of my favorites that I picked up recently. So simple, yet so eye catching with it’s delicately detailed collar and sleeves.

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What I Wore: The Winter Has Arrived Edition

Yep. This is not a false alarm. It’s here people. Winter has arrived already and it freaking sucks, already. Can you believe it? Well, actually if you’re a born and bread midwesterner like myself, then yes. You can believe it and you think it’s silly that I’m even talking about it, but I’ll talk about what I damn well please and I hate the cold, dammit! 

Anyway, the point of this post isn’t to bitch about the cold, it’s to bitch about dressing for the cold. Does anyone else go into a panic when the temp drops below 40? It’s like I forget how this works and start putting together some really odd combinations. Anything to stay warm, you know? One thing that is definitely essential is a good winter coat. If you can find one that’s cute on top of good, you better buy 10 of them. After several years of attempting to look fashionable in the cold, I just gave up and decided that I need a large collection of warm coats and I’m always on the lookout for a good buy. When it’s 20 degrees outside, your best bet at fashion is 2 chunky sweaters, a cute coat, a colorful scarf, and a big hat…under your hood, of course.

Of course, today’s outfit isn’t a typical winter outfit for me. Rule number 1 of dealing with snow in Chicago: no heels. Rule number 2? ALL THE LAYERS! But, it was a warm day considering, so chunky sweater and coat it was. Ah, the days when the weather was still in the 40s. I remember those. 

 Outfit Details:
Aztec Sweater – Urban Outfitters years ago
High Waisted Jeans – American Apparel
Chunky Platform Heels – Urban Outfitters also years ago

This vintage winter coat is probably my favorite in the shop right now, because it’s very structured while at the same time having a lot of flow. It reminds me of a men’s suit coat and I love mixing in that mens wear even in the winter. The snap buttons on it are definitely a plus because they make getting in and out of it super easy, which is an asset when you’re also putting on or taking off 15 other articles of clothing.

(In this picture, I’m showcasing that coats can be functional and fun! Or, I’m trying not to fall over. Take from it what you will.)

Do you have any tips for dressing for winter?

What I Wore: The Flasher Edition

I’m not one of those girls that’s “secretly” excited that fall is here. Fall in Chicago isn’t really anything to get excited about for too long. However, I do love dressing for fall. I always have so many outfit ideas for fall. I think it’s the season where I’m most capable of looking the most put together with the smallest effort. Dress, tights, and an open sweater? No problem. I do feel like I can get into a little bit of a uniform though, so this year I’m trying to break it up with a few new fall outfits. Step 1: new fall coats. 

I’ve been on the hunt for a classic trench coat for a while now. I’ve owned a few trench coats in the past and have abandoned them. They were never really for me, but I thought I’d give them another try this fall season and I’m so happy I did. This coat is my new favorite and I’ve been wearing it every chance I get. (Even though I do kinda feel like a flasher in it with a dress and no tights on. Surprise!) 
Outfit Details:
Red Dress – Old Navy
Classic Trench – ASOS
Arrow Ring – ASOS 
Heeled Boots – Modcloth last season (similar)
Necklace – Madewell (on hella clearance, score!)

Okay, let’s talk about this dress for one minute. Yes, it’s from Old Navy. Yes, I’m as surprised as you. Now, to be fair, I don’t really shop at Old Navy so I don’t really know what they carry, but my boyfriend loves them. Sometimes when he needs a new shirt or whatever he buys, I wander in with him. This last time I was pleasantly surprised to find a ton of really affordable dresses that were also super cute. (Amy Poehler is not lying to you in those commercials). I walked away with 4 new dresses and a sweater that day and I want to go back. I love this dress. It fits perfectly, is a great orange-y red color, and is totally work or going out appropriate. It’s just the perfect, basic fall layering dress. You always need a couple of those in your closet, right?

Fall, of course, is also the easiest season to dress vintage for. I don’t know how people wore so many clothes in 80 weather in the 50s. I’ll hopefully have some fresh vintage looks to put up soon.

What’s your favorite season to dress for?

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What I Wore: The Missing Paris Edition

As much as I wish that this post was set in Paris, I completely forgot my camera remote when I went on vacation, so I wasn’t able to grab any outfit photos for the blog on the streets of Paris (my life is ruined). I’ll just have to settle for a dress from Paris on my regular old back porch in Chicago. I think even if I had brought my remote, I would have been too nervous to take pictures of myself on the busy streets of Paris. Oh, well.

Outfit Details:
Printed Sweater Dress – Kookai (But I found a similar sweater dress here and this one is pretty too)
T-strap Heels – Urban Outfitters
Gold Chain – Thrifted
Purse – Local Boutique

Sweater dresses are something that I struggle with. I love them, but they hate me. It’s really unfair. I constantly find cute ones, but then end up feeling bulky in them. That’s why I was thrilled when I found this dress. I actually almost didn’t even try it on because I was sure it would look dumb once I put it on. To my surprise, it worked! I found it in this French store called Kookai and unfortunately for me and the world, they’re only in France. Which is a total bummer but also kind of ok, because it is a little on the pricy side and I would spend all my money there. All of it. 

Anyway, finding this perfect sweater dress made me realize a few things about sweater dress shopping:
1. Not all sweater dresses were made evil.
2. If I want it to look good, it’s got to be right for my body type.
3. I need to stick to thinner knits and flowier shapes.
4. Always, always try it on. You never know what will happen.
5. If I own a dress in that shape already, it will probably work as a sweater dress as long as the knit it thin.

So now I’m all sweatered up and ready for fall!

Do you struggle with sweater dresses too? What are your tips?

What I Wore: The Vintage Office Wear Edition

There is something about this style of dress that always makes me think, “70s secretary”. Why, I have no idea, but it does. Always. Maybe I watched too many episodes of Charlie’s Angels growing up or maybe I’m just crazy. Either way, I love the style of this dress. Every time I find one, I have to pick it up. There are actually a couple more in a similar style hanging out in the Etsy store right now. I know that’s really biased of me to do and I should stop, but I can’t! I love the way this vintage cut looks on me, so I keep buying them – whether they fit me or not. It’s a sickness. I have a buying sickness.

Obviously, when I picked up this dress, I thought “70s!”. In reality, it’s probably some somewhere in the mid-80s based on the tag. Nevertheless, it’s still freaking awesome and I am so excited to be adding it to the shop. The color is perfect. Not too purple, not too pink and just warm enough for any skin tone. (I guess you would call it plum?)

 Outfit details:
Brown bow belt – came with a dress
The most fun thing about this dress is that it’s super light and has a half circle skirt, which makes spinning around in circles awesome! 

So you may be wondering: If I think this dress is so cool, why am I listing it? Great question! I list a lot of things that I absolutely adore. Sometimes I regret it, most times I don’t. I started the Etsy shop because I love the hunt. Finding pieces that are awesome and then finding a new home for them are the most fun part about having the store. So if I know I won’t really wear something or it doesn’t quit fit me perfectly (because I keep a lot of stuff I find too), I list it and hope someone comes across it and gets really excited about their find.

So if you’re shopping the Etsy store and you find something you love, please message me and let me know! I love hearing from customers. It makes my day!

Quick note about these shoes. They are always on Modcloth and, gosh darn it, they are perfect. They have them in three different colors and if you don’t own a pair yet, you should!

This purse is another find that I was super happy about. It’s the perfect size for holding everything you need and it’s soooo soft. I love the orange suede.

Have you ever picked up something at a garage sale or thrift store and bought it, even though you knew it wouldn’t fit you? 

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