Warm Tones in a Stylish Apartment

The grass is always greener, am I right? I thought that what I wanted out of my new apartment was simple, clean lines and pops of color against an otherwise white backdrop. Well, sometimes it still is and other times it definitely isn’t. I was looking at my living room the other day thinking how much better it would look with some mixes of dark and light brown walls. Oy, I can never be satisfied.

This little Spanish apartment caught my eye for the richness in color and lack of color, obviously.

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Home Tour: A Chicago Apartment with Rustic Touches

Surprise! Today’s home decor feature is my apartment! I was inspired by Compass, a real estate website in NYC, and their Starter Stories project to share with you my new apartment and all the work that my boyfriend and I have put into making it home. Since it’s our first apartment together, it’s most definitely been a learning process that has involved a lot of compromise. We’ve only been in the space for about 6 months, so there are still a lot of things that we’re figuring out how to make work, but I am finally ready to do a little unveiling and let you all into my world! Especially since I’ve been talking about this new apartment constantly (like here and here and here, for example).

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