Flower Wreath Tutorial

I’m not Martha Stewart. Not even close. But I’ll be damned if I don’t try. One craft I’ve never really ventured into was wreath making, but this fall I thought it would be nice to have a pretty fall colored wreath on the door and Michael’s has so many shades. So I took the plunge and made my first wreath! Since it wasn’t a complete disaster (like my many previous craft fails), I thought I’d share it with anyone who wanted to give it a shot too.

One note on saving money: I bought my flowers right at the change of seasons. At the end of summer, Michael’s still had some fall colored flowers and they were all on sale. So I hoarded them for about a month and then turned them into this! Sometimes, it pays to have a collection of craft supplies.

Flower Wreath Tutorial

It’s a great Saturday morning project. Even if you struggle with cutting some of the stems off, like I did, it shouldn’t take you more that 45 min to finish.


  • Styrofoam circle
  • 3-4 small bundles of fake flowers in whatever colors you want
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • A sharp pair of scissors
  • A pair of wire cutters


1. Snip the heads of the flowers from the stems, leaving about a 2-in length of stem to push into the Styrofoam.
2. Some of the stems will probably have a few layers of plastic on the stems. I found that scoring the plastic with sharp scissors and then pulling it off worked really well to expose the wire. 
3. Lay out how you would like to arrange your flowers. I recommend a big, shaggy carpet as your table. It works really well for organizing the flowers 😉
4. Wrap the Styrofoam wreath in the burlap ribbon. Use the hot glue to attach the ribbon at the start and at a couple points along the wreath as you wrap. BE CAREFUL: the hot glue will seep through the ribbon and attack your fingers. It’s called hot glue for a reason. It hurts. Trust me.
5. Start pushing your flowers into the wreath like you arranged earlier. 

6. Arrange all your flowers and admire your work! How easy was that?

To hang it, I just cut a piece of yarn and tied it around the top.

Bonus? You can reuse this wreath a few times. When you get tired of these flowers, don’t toss the wreath. Take out the swap out the flowers! I love when life is easy.

More tutorials to come! Follow me on your network of choice (FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest, or Bloglovin) to know when the next one is live.

Tutorial: DIY Hanging Necklace Organizer

Maybe you’re not like me and you’re ahead of the game, but winter makes me not want to do a thing. I am definitely on the new-year-lets-get-organized-bandwagon, but I suck. So, it takes me forever to get anything done. I’m working through stuff slowly. First the clothes, then the jewelry, and finally the craft supplies. I’ve gotten as far as the jewelry! We can call that progress, right?

Anyway, I wanted to share a tutorial with you guys today on how I got all my necklaces organized for under $15. Organization on the cheap is my middle name (you have no idea how many glass jars I have saved just for this reason). When I realized my old method of displaying my necklaces was falling apart and totally ineffective, I figured it was time to make something new. Ta-da! The Hanging Necklace Organizer Tutorial was born. (Apologies in advance for the lack of photos. I need to get better at taking pictures at night)

Without further ado..

Two 1/2 inch dowels
Saw and sand paper (optional)
1 roll of jute twine (or yarn or hemp or anything you’d like, as long as it’s sturdy)
Craft paint and paint brush (optional)
1 package of screw-in hooks
Measuring tape
Reliable glue (I used fabric glue)

1. Measure out the space you have available on your wall and mark your dowels if they are too long. Cut off the extra with the saw and then sand down the ends to smooth them.

1a. I wanted by necklace organizer to be staggered because I thought it would look cuter so after I measured out how much space I had on my wall, I but one dowel to fit that (the bottom dowel) and the other I cut about an inch and half shorter (the top dowel). If you like them even, skip this step!

2. You can paint your dowels in your favorite color and let them dry completely. If you like the wood look, skip this step.

3. Get out your measuring tape and mark out how far apart you’d like your hooks. I did an inch and a half between each one. It’s easier to mark your if you tape the measuring tape to the table and hold down the dowel. You’ll want to make your mark a “t” instead of just a line to help screw in your hooks evenly.

4. Time to start screwing in all the hooks! There are two ways to do this. I did it the hard way.
Hard way (but still totally do-able!): hold the dowel in one hand and screw in each screw until it’s straight with the other hand. Finish screwing it in with a pair of pliers. This will take a while, but it is worth it!
Easy way (if you own a Dremel tool): drill a tiny hole on each of your marks, not too deep. Screw in the hooks the rest of the way.

The wood will splinter and crack a little bit, but as long as you can pull on the hook and it feels sturdy, it’ll sit fine.

5. Once you’re done screwing in all the hooks, you’re ready to connect them! Measure out how far apart you’d like your dowel’s to hang (mine hang about 9 inches apart) and add about 6 inches to that length to have enough jute twince to wrap around each end (I cut two pieces about 15 inches long).

6. I wanted to reinforce by twine because I wasn’t sure how heavy the necklaces would be so I tripled each side. In total, I cut 6 pieces, 15 inches long, to use 3 for one side and 3 for the other.

7. Put a little glue at the end of your top dowel, leave about an inch or so tail, and start wrapping the twine to cover the glue. Once your end is covered, tie the tail to the remaining long end. Repeat on the other side.

8. Put a little glue on the end of the bottom dowel and start wrapping the twin around from about three inches from the end. Wrap until the glue is covered and leave about an inch to tie to the long end. Repeat on the other side, but make sure you start wrapping the twine at the same length or your hanger will be crooked.

9. Repeat the same process as above for measuring and tripling the twine to create the piece to hang the organizer from. Mine was probably about 2 feet and I cut 3 pieces to strengthen the twine.

10. Put a little glue down and wrap the last piece of twine around the two ends of the top dowel. Secure with a knot and let the glue dry over night.

11. Hang it up and get organized!

I’m glad I reinforced the twine on mine because (as you can see) I have quite a few necklaces, but if your collection isn’t as…er..extensive as mine, you should be fine with just one length of twine!

I also have an earring organizer tutorial coming up for those of us with extensive collections!

What do you need help organizing most?

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Thursday Tutorial: 7 Quick DIY Christmas Ornaments

So call my mom sentimental if you want, but I’m her only child so you’ll have to understand why at 24 I’m still looking for handmade ornament ideas to make for her.  Mostly, we’re probably still just humoring each other, but damn it I think she love the Christmas ornament I make for her every year!

Of course, at 24 covering a wine cork in glitter and beads doesn’t quite seem to cut it anymore. So I went on a Christmas ornament hunt on the Internet and found some really awesome ideas. I think I know which one I’m going to make as a gift, but I found so many fun ideas for handmade ornaments that I thought I’d share then with you guys in case I’m not the only one out there still making kindergarten-esque gifts.

I know my mom would love the little Matryoshka doll one so I guess I’m headed out to buy some felt this week. But all of the tutorials for these other Christmas ornaments are too adorable not to share.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ornament from The Cheese Thief
  2. Vintage Egg Ornament from Happy Together
  3. Matryoshka Doll Felt Ornament from My Sparkle
  4. Holly Jolly Ornaments from Martha Stewart 
  5. Map Cut Out Ornament from Mary Jane and Galoshes
  6. Thumbprint Reindeer Ornament Tutorial from Little Bit Funky
  7. Acorn Nest Ornament Tutorial from Twig and Toadstool

Do you still make Christmas ornaments as gifts?

P.s. don’t forget I love social media! Do you? Then find me on FacebookPinterestTwitter, and Instagram

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Thursday Tutorial: Last Minute Fall Leaf Garland

I kind of snoozed on decorating for fall and Thanksgiving this year after all my excitement decorating for Halloween, but I still wanted a little something up and I thought that a garland would be the easiest way to do that. Also, I’m completely obsessed with garlands. Why? Who knows. Is “they’re pretty” not a good enough answer? Anyway, I had all this fall leaf colored felt laying around in my fabric stash and decided that would be my easy solution: A Fall Leaf Garland!

This is also the easiest tutorial ever so if you still need that last little piece of decor to put up, this is it! It shouldn’t take you more than an hour and a half depending how fast you cut. I happen to be a slow cutter and that was the most tedious part. Anyway, here’s the tutorial!

Fall Leaf Garland Tutorial

  • 3 pieces of felt in fall colors (or more if you need a longer garland)
  • 2 sheets of plain white paper
  • Paper cutting scissors
  • Fabric cutting scissors
  • Yarn
  • Tapestry needle

  1. Trace the shape of your leaves onto your white paper. I just pick two leaf shapes (a maple and an oak) and pulled them up on my computer screen. Then I held up my white paper to that and traced it out.
  2. Cut out your leaf shapes.
  3. Use them as a template and cut out the same shapes on your felt. I cut out two of each shape on each piece of felt leaving me with 12 leaves.
  4. Thread your yarn through your tapestry needle and thread on your leaves. I threaded first and cut last, this way I got to play with the spacing and length of the string without wasting any yarn!
  5. Hang up your brand new fall ready garland!
Easy right? I told you this was the super easiest tutorial for fall home decor. 

Are you all done decorating for Thanksgiving?

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Thursday Tutorial: Hot Pink Home Decor DIY

I’ve been in the process of making my apartment a home for a little bit now. Slowly but surely it’s all coming together! Oh course my appetite is constantly bigger than my wallet, so I’ve been finding cheap ways to creatively decorate my apartment. This hot pink and gold serving tray set way my first attempt at doing just that and I was really happy with how it turned out so I’m sharing this little tutorial for it with you guys!

I wanted a serving tray for my apartment that was bright and fun for when I had friends over, but I also wanted some simple vases to brighten up the place with some fake flowers. Yea that’s right, fake flowers. I’m not good at keeping plant alive so I’ve kind of stopped trying for the moment. If anyone has some green thumb advice for house plants, I’ll gladly take it. Anyway, I had picked up a metal tray from the thrift store that was pretty cool, but a little beat up and not as fun as I wanted it to be. As I dug through my stash of spray paint, inspiration hit!

This set will cost you close to nothing to make, especially if you already have spray paint at home. If you don’t, it’ll still probably cost you somewhere under $10. Super cheap right? Just be sure to save those ice tea bottles and pasta sauce jars.


  • Old metal tray
  • Two or three glass jars, empty with labels cleaned off
  • White spray paint
  • Hot pink spray paint
  • Gold spray paint
  • Painter’s tape


  1. First off, cover your work surface entirely so you don’t little hints of hot pink on your tables (like I did).
  2. Prime your surface with white paint. I skipped this step and it was a mistake. 
  3. Once the primer has completely dried, cover the entire tray and bottles or jars with the color that you want peaking out from underneath the main color. In my case it was the hot pink. 
  4. Let the first coat dry. You might want to do another coat of the under color, especially if it didn’t come out as bright as you wanted. 
  5. Let the first coats dry overnight then you can start taping down your design with painters tape. It is very important that you make sure the first color has completely dried before you tape down your design otherwise the paint underneath will come off when you pull off the tape!*Keep in mind that the parts you cover in tape are the parts that will stay hot pink after all the painting is done. 
  6. Once you’re picked out your design, spray paint the whole thing in your top color, gold in this case. You might have to do two coats of this as well. Again, make sure you let the paint dry fully in between coats. 
  7. Let your masterpiece dry overnight and then carefully peel off the painters tape. A razor blade or Exacto knife comes in handy here. 
  8. And you’re done! Pop in some pretty flowers and enjoy your brand new DIY home decor!

I was going to make the whole set hot pink and gold, but as I was letting the two pasta jars dry they looked really cool with the set in the sunlight so I changed the plans. The joys of DIY on the fly!

How do you decorate your home on a budget?

P.s. there’s still time to enter my blog anniversary giveaway

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