What I Wore: The Resort Wear Edition

I have never understood the whole resort wear thing in the winter time. Are there seriously that many people going on tropical vacations in the winter that we need a whole other fashion season for it? I’m not. Most working class people I know are not, so rich people must need a lot of palm print dresses. I don’t get it. It’s like a terrible tease when your sitting in your office on a 20 degree day. However, I do love that resort wear style for summer! Where it’s appropriate and makes sense. Like at a lighthouse oasis by the beach.

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Vacation State of Mind: Camping Trip! 

Oh heck yes, y’all. It’s been about a year since I last got to take a vacation and never have the boy and I been able to go on one together, so, needless to say, I am beyond excited that we get to do that soon! We’re going on a little week trip to Tennessee to check out Nashville and go camping in the great Smoky Mountains – with mountains…and bears. I’m a little nervous because it’s been years since I last went camping and never with anyone except my parents (and never where there were bear warnings!), but I’m really excited to get out of this stinky city for a while and see some mountains and waterfalls. Obviously, I’ve been planning and plotting what to wear and what to bring for weeks and I’m not bringing everything below, but I found some really cute camping gear as I was putting together my list. So, since I have camping on my mind, here are a few adorable camping themed thing I love!

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Warm Tones in a Stylish Apartment

The grass is always greener, am I right? I thought that what I wanted out of my new apartment was simple, clean lines and pops of color against an otherwise white backdrop. Well, sometimes it still is and other times it definitely isn’t. I was looking at my living room the other day thinking how much better it would look with some mixes of dark and light brown walls. Oy, I can never be satisfied.

This little Spanish apartment caught my eye for the richness in color and lack of color, obviously.

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