Vintage Meets Modern Design: Styling a Vintage Coffee Table

We all do it, right? You find something you just have to have at a garage/estate/moving sale and you pick it up even though you have no idea how it’s going to work in your home. Okay, maybe that’s just me, because I have a serious shopping addiction. But, I know that I’ve had friends just fall in love with a piece of furniture and pass it up because they didn’t know how it would work with all their modern IKEA decor. Well, fear not, friends! Today I wanted to talk a little bit about styling vintage coffee tables with your modern day decor, because it is do-able and it can be fan-tastic!

*Coffee tables are one of most common items I hear people saying they don’t know how to style, but if you have a request for something, please leave it in the comments! I’ll try to get to it in my next post. 


For this post, I’ve dug up a bunch of vintage coffee table gems on Chairish, a great site for vintage furniture and decor. If you haven’t stopped by yet, you should take a look. But these tips still apply to any piece you might stumble across at your local flea market!

Tip #1: Keep with the times

The great thing about style and design is that it’s cyclical, meaning trends always come back into style eventually, so a vintage coffee table from the 60s may look just like a brand spanking new modern table today. Look for styles that are becoming fashionable and shop in that era when looking at vintage tables. Mid century modern style has been taking over interior design the last few years, so try hunting down something with simple design to go with modern furniture styles.

mid century modern living roomSource: A Cup of Jo

1. Danish Modern Rosewood Coffee Table
2. Round Teak Coffee Table
3. White and Wood Mid Century Coffee Table


Tip #2: Go glam!

Lots of vintage style coffee tables are very ornate with gold or carved details, so own it and make it the focal point of your living room! I love an elegant living room with a white couch and glass coffee table. It’ll really make your vintage find stand out and make you feel like you’re living in a magazine.

Glam Living Room DecorSource The Every Girl

1. Oval Glass and Gold Table
2. Rectangle Gold and Glass Table
3. Oval Gold and Marble Top Table

Tip #3: Keep with your theme

Is your house all rustic style or industrial chic? Perfect! If you’ve already styled your living space wth a theme, finding a vintage coffee table that fits should be a breeze. Just look for one that has elements that match your favorite parts of your house. Have a lot of wood, antlers, and natural elements? Go for a table with some natural wood details. Going for an industrial look? Keep an eye out for metal details. Boho chic decor lovers can easily find really ornate, gorgeous tables, sometimes for a steal.

boho-interior-designSource: Harper’s Bazaar

1. Wood Plank Coffee Table
2. Aviator Riveted Industrial Coffee Table
3. Chinese Painted Coffee Table


Tip #4: If you love it, get it!

When it comes down to it, it’s your space and your style. Chances are if you find a piece at an estate sale or flea market that you feel like you have to have, then it’s probably going to go perfectly with your decor already. Go for it! If it means you have to rearrange some throw pillow or buy a new candle assortment, it’ll be worth it.

retro-living-room-designSource: Pinterest

So now next time you walk by that perfect coffee table, just a little dusty, sitting behind some stacks of old records, you can pick it up and make it the talking point of your room. That’s the whole point of sitting around a living room table anyway, right?


Have you ever passed up a perfect vintage piece of furniture because you we’re sure how to style it? What was it?


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