7 Perfect Anti-Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

It’s that time of year again where chubby babies with arrows and disgusting heart-shaped candies abound. Yuck. I think I’ve made my stance on the whole Valentine’s Day nonsense clear before and, in case you were wondering, it hasn’t really changed. Maybe I’m just romantically challenged, I don’t know. But what I do know is every year for Valentine’s Day, I technically have a Valentine and I always ask to receive nothing, because I don’t want anything. Seriously. I definitely sit firmly in the “you should show your special person that you think they’re special all year long” boat. So Valentine’s Day is just crowded, noisy, and annoying. But if you know someone like me and still insist on getting them a present (you sweet-hearted soul, you), then I pulled together a list of acceptable gifts for romance haters, like myself 😉

7 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for People Who Hate Valentine’s Day

Hate You Least Valentine’s Day Card

Just testing the waters? This card says “Hey, I like you, but I don’t like saying it in a weird mushy way.” And I am totally ok with that. Cute effort, cute card via Etsy.


Hello Beautiful Pint Glass

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.57.10 AM

Cards and candy might be over-done, but have you ever told your Valentine how beautiful they are via a pint glass? Didn’t think so. Bonus: every time they enjoy their favorite beverage, they’ll think of you! If that’s not a sign of love, I don’t know what is. Pint glass via Modcloth.


On My Mind Phrenology Head Round Tin Box


Who needs heart-shaped boxes? Get this On My Mind Tin from Plasticland and fill it with your own handmade treats! Plus they can keep the tin afterwords for storing love notes or whatever other sentimental garbage you want in it. It’s totally a win-win!


Boozy Shakes: Grown-Up Milkshake Recipes

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.01.42 AM

Whose milkshake brings all the boys to the yard?! Well, yours definitely will after whipping up a few of these milkshake cocktails. This book is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift because it gives you guys an excuse to eat ice cream and drink booze together. Maybe pair it with a few key ingredients such as ice cream and booze (obviously). Honestly, theses are my favorite type of Valentine’s gifts because they give you an excuse to do something together – even if it is just getting drunk – and isn’t that what the holiday is all about? (See, I can be sappy sometimes too.) You can find this gem on Plasticland.


Anti-Valentine’s Day Sad Robot Plush


Okay, if you insist on giving a stuffed animal/character along with your Valentine’s chocolates, at least make it an interesting one. I think this plush sad robot is adorable and at least he’s not just another teddy bear (although, there is nothing wrong with having a massive collection of teddy bears and I maintain that it makes you a happier person). This cute robot via Etsy.


Look at me Like Pizza Tee


At least with this t-shirt, you’re setting the expectations for your relationship. You’re a girl who knows what she wants and what she wants is someone to love her like they love pizza. Done. Relationships goals set. How perfect is that? Pizza tee via Nylon.


I Poop Glitter Tee


Look, if you’re going to tell me I’m the most special thing in your life, there is nothing that says that like telling me I’m a pink unicorn who poops glitter. That’s a once in a lifetime, honey. And that spells L-O-V-E, well, in  glitter unicorn poop anyway. Shirt also via Plasticland.


Now, I get it. Some people live, love, breathe Valentine’s Day and I think that’s great! You should always get a chance to enjoy what makes you happy and if that’s heart shaped boxes of candy and flowers, then so be it! For me though, I’d rather get an I Poop Glitter t-shirt, because love comes in all forms and this is the form I like best. No judgements, no bad blood, just love y’all!

What’s your favorite way to celebrate (or not celebrate) Valentine’s Day?


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