Interior Design: French Quarter Haven

I took my first trip ever to New Orleans this past January and those of you that have been before understand – wow. That’s the only word I can use to describe the vibrant and lively French Quarter. Not only is the neighborhood unlike anywhere else in the world for nightlife, but the immense amount of history is breathtaking. The blocks and homes look like they’ve been frozen in time and have this wonderful Spanish feel. And don’t even get me started on the colors! From pastel pink to mint green, you could find a condo in your favorite shade, no problem.

Obviously, as my friend and I walked through the neighborhoods (drink in hand, because you can do that there), we wondered how people lived there and what their homes were like. So when I stumbled across this home tour, I was so excited to find that the homes (at least this one) are exactly how I imagined them to be – intensely colorful and full of life, just like the city itself.

kerry 02

First of all, look at the adorable porch and shutters. The giant windows on homes were pretty common and I was loving every minute of it! (Can you spot the puppy in the picture?)

kerry 15

kerry 12

Dark walls with bright accents make the room feel rich, not stuffy. It’s one of my favorite ways to decorate, but I love how she incorporated all these lush textures and patterns. I mean look at that velvet-y ottoman!

kerry 06

kerry 17

kerry 18

Yes, there is a wall of wigs. Why? Because you never know when there will be an impromptu parade on your street. Seriously. I walked into one on my first night in NOLA on accident. It was glorious.

kerry 26

Who needs cabinet doors when your shelves are yellow! Cutest little baby galley kitchen in the world.

kerry 25

I’m smitten and watching listings on Zillow for apartments in the French Quarter because a girl can dream dammit! At least I’ll know who I can borrow a wig from (answer: anyone. Seriously. Street parades all the time.) Want to see the whole home tour? Check it out on Apartment Therapy!


Do you love the style notes in this apartment or do you prefer toned-down living spaces?

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