Holiday Gift Guide for Him – Under $200

Oh boy, the holidays are here and with that comes the most stressful part – what do I buy? Shopping for other people can be stressful if you’re not sure what to get someone. Like in my case, if you live with someone who very particular about everything and only has 2 hobbies that he likes to do. It can be frustrating to hunt for clues, so to help myself and anyone else out there with a difficult man on their list, I put together this list of useful gifts that anyone would use – even if it’s maybe not totally their style.

Holiday gift guide for


One – Denim Ike Jacket by Stock MFG Co $117
Two – Hardware Many Hats Tool Organizer $50
Three – Wild Well Supply Candle in Bar Fight $40
Four – See America Wall Calendar $14
Five – Why You’re So Awesome Book $12
Six – Ellison Sunglasses by Warby Parker $145

Alright, here’s the breakdown on the gifts: Obviously, everyone needs a good jean jacket. They’re so versatile and perfect for all kinds of style situations. This one from Stock MRG Co in Chicago has an awesome cut that you don’t normally see. Great for the stylish guy! Then there’s the usual stuff with a twist. An organizer makes a great gift, because everyone has something they need to organize, but people don’t necessarily think to buy themselves organizers. This one is marketed for tools, but you can use it for bar equipment or art supplies or anything. Or what about a candle in Bar Fight? Manly scent, manly packaging. Perfect. And who doesn’t need a calendar or sunglasses, right? No matter how many sunglasses I get as gifts, I can always use more. Am I the only one who constantly loses sunglasses? The Awesome Book is perfect for men or women, because everyone likes to get their ego boosted. Just make sure you remember to fill it in before you gift it to your special guy!

As far as gifts go, you can never go wrong with the basics and necessities! At least, that’s what I always say.


What would you add to the list?


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