First Things to Consider When Decorating a Room

Hey all! Today’s post is a guest post from ECOS Paints. They are an eco-friendly paint company trusted by some major brands and with some great, modern colors to choose from. So when they contacted me to do a guest post about things you should check off your list before decorating a room, I thought it was a perfect fit. Check out their tips for room decorating below!

Interior design can be complicated. It requires artistic talent as well as plenty of strategic thinking. While a novice may think it can be done easily, you need to be careful. Not putting a lot of thought into decorating a room can create a hideous space that is hard to live in. There are five things you should consider first before forging ahead with an interior design project for a room.

master bedroom

1. Decide on the Room’s Function

Before you consider anything else, you need to settle on what the future function of that room will be after you are finished decorating it. This is extremely important. How you decorate a room can either enhance or hinder its utility as a functional space. For example, you wouldn’t want to add decorations to a master bedroom that are overly distracting. This could hinder relaxation as well as sleep in that space. Before you decide on anything else, decide on what the space will be used for and what design themes could help enhance the function of that room.

2. Consider Your Preferences

chinese cork carving

You need put your needs, wants and dreams first when designing a room. You are the homeowner. While considering the impression of guests is also important, you will be the one living in that space on a daily basis. Consider your own preferences and try to work them into your design philosophy. For example, you may have an affinity for Asian design influences. If this is the case, consider subtly integrating Chinese or Japanese aesthetics into a room through the use of things like Chinese cork carving, Asian pottery and feng shui design principals.

3. Draft a Budget


Third, you absolutely need to create a budget for any interior design project. Without one, you will more than likely go over budget. This could mean wasting money on decorations that are unimportant to the overall design aesthetic. It could even mean being forced to leave the room unfinished. You should consider all the costs included. If you are hiring an interior designer, you will need to include that professional’s payment in the budget. You’ll also have to pay for decorations, supplies, equipment and more. Sit down with a piece of a paper and do some math. If you can get the figures to work in a way you can afford, move ahead with the project.

4. Design a Floor Plan

floor plan

Once the above has been decided, you can begin to get down to the more technical aspects of your interior design project. For one, you need to make sure your idea is conceivable within the physical space of that particular room. The best way to do this is through the creation of a floor plan. This involves taking a piece of paper and creating a diagram of the room to scale. You can then add things like furniture, appliances, art pieces, plants and more. This can allow you to create a functional design that can be shared with an interior designer. It can also prevent you from cluttering the space.

5. Create a Color Scheme


Lastly, you will need to settle on a color scheme for the room. While this may seem simple enough, it can be more complicated than you first assume. Choosing the wrong combination of colors can create a jarring and noisy appearance that can make a room feel uncomfortable to be in. Choosing the right combination, on the other hand, can enhance the function of a room and create a relaxing atmosphere. Whether it is earth tones, pastels or some other color combination, put a lot of thought into the colors you choose.

Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in interior design and home decor. She currently writes for ECOS Paints, a leading vendor of superior, durable and eco-friendly paints.

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