Design Inspiration: Vintage Accent Chairs

I share a lot of interior design posts on here because I love looking at design, BUT I was, unfortunately, not gifted with an eye for it. So, designing my own space has been kind of an uphill battle. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. I just try to tackle it one room at a time so that I don’t overwhelm myself. The apartment has come a long way, but I think there’s still work to be done.

One part of it that I’m constantly struggling with are these two vintage accent chairs that were gifted to me by my well-meaning, wonderful mother. I mean, have you talked to your mother recently and tried to tell her that something wasn’t your style? I couldn’t turn the chairs down, nor can I get rid of them.


Would I rather replace them with something more modern? Duh. I’d love to eventually reupholster them and possibly refinish the wood so they look at little more like this chair from Chairish. But, for now, I’m trying to make them work. Luckily, the boy loves them, so I positioned them in “his” room. With vintage accent chairs, there’s a good chance you’ll find a set that’s in great condition with a bright pop of color. For me, the color is key here since our apartment is mostly white, so I recently added some bright orange curtains to the room to balance out the red on one side. However, ideally, the room would have more of the feel below!

The nice people at Chairish asked me to put together a style board featuring some accent chairs and I instantly thought of my red barrel chairs. Turns out, these puppies are pretty common and I found a set with blue cushions that I would love to have! It’s sort of inspired me to take my chairs to be reupholstered just so I can really make the room feel like my own, but that’s probably a way off. In the meantime, I can keep decorating around the chairs until they get updated!


download 2

ONE – Vintage Accent Chairs, TWO – Vintage Gold Overdyed Rug, THREE – Vintage Style Prints from Gritty City Goods on Etsy, FOUR – Mid Century Modern Side Table, FIVE – Vintage Glass Diamond Terrarium

I love the look of vintage overdyed rugs. I don’t why, but something about that worn in look really feels lived in and cozy to me. Because of the ornate nature of the vintage barrel chairs and the decorative aspect of the rug, I would definitely keep everything else in the room clean. A mid century modern side table with clean lines is perfect for that and it has so much room for decorative touches!

I am currently OBSESSED with Gritty City Goods on Etsy. They pretty much only carry these vintage style handmade posters, but they are absolutely gorgeous. I’m currently deciding between the poppy print above or a moon diagram. There’s just too many good ones to choose from!

Styling a room with any vintage pieces, especially more decorative vintage furniture, can be challenging. You don’t want to end up living in your grandma’s house, but you also want to cherish those heritage pieces. To do that, I think it’s best to stick to a few main pieces that pop – like some colorful accent chairs or a bright rug – and mix in the rest of the room with clean lines and more modern pieces. It’ll give you a fresh look that still has a vintage feel!

I want to know! Do you have a vintage or hand-me-down piece that you’ve been struggling to style in your home?

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