Things I Love: Booties!

I know you don’t want to hear it (neither do I), but you can’t deny it. The mornings are getting cooler and the days are getting shorter – fall is just around the corner. Now, while I hate saying goodbye to summer (repeat: HATE), there are a few things I love about the 2-3 weeks of fall that we get here in Chicago. 1. Leaves changing color, because let’s face it people, that’s just freaking gorgeous. 2. Hot beverages: Don’t get me wrong, I love a good iced coffee, but there’s nothing like a nice hot mocha to kickstart your day. 3. Boots! I’m a boot fanatic. It’s a problem. Like the boy had to sit me down and tell me that I can’t buy any more boots unless I get rid of some. I didn’t listen, obviously, but it did make me aware that maybe I am a little boot crazy. So, for fall I’m always excited to see what new boots are coming out and how many I can add to my closet. (Answer: not a lot, I am kinda running out of room. Does the attic count as a closet?)

Understanding my love of boots, the nice people over at Rosegal asked me to share some of my favorites from their boot selection this season, so here they are!

1418862245995-P-2292756Basic is best when it comes to my everyday boots and I love this style! I think I have them in beige and black, but a light brown definitely needs to be added to the mix. Especially since these are only $23.86! For boots that I am going to destroy in Chicago salty, sleety, wet winters, that’s a freaking steal. I can never justify spending a ton on boots that I know will be covered in salt from salt trucks in less than a day, so these are perfect.


I don’t know if my cat lady-ness is well documented on here, but I am a cat lady, so these cat boots are an obvious must! I mean, look at the cute.


The secret cowgirl in me is in love with these retro western inspired boots! There are other colors, but I think I’d go with the red, because you gotta stand out in these!


Now, I can’t really do heeled boots here in winter, because it’s Chicago. You will fall on your ass, no question. But a sturdy heel like this can take you a long way. I love the dark brown details on these boots.


There are so many options! I’m getting the boot thirst already and that’s so bad because stores have just begun to roll them out. But I can’t wait! They’re like Pokemon to me, I gotta have them all.


Anyone else have this shoe buying problem too? Where’s your favorite place to buy boots?

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