Real Estate Stalking: Cute and Colorful Nashville Home

After my Tennessee vacation and little jaunt in Nashville, I saw so many cute neighborhoods and houses that I got curious and did some poking around on Zillow when I got back and I definitely found some really cute homes in really varying price ranges. Of course, while I was browsing I just happened to find my perfect dream home in Nashville! This place is beyond adorable, but for a kind of steep price tag of $255,000, it better some with all this cute furniture too.


Come on in! Now, I do a lot of real estate stalking since I’m obsessed with interior design, but never have I actually found a perfectly decorated house, with the exact layout I’m looking for in (sorta) my budget. It was like someone made this house for me. I’m in love people.

cute-nashville-home-1 cute-nashville-home-2
Is that a vintage record player in the front room? Why, yes. I do believe it is.

cute-nashville-home-3 cute-nashville-home-4
The bedrooms do seem a little small and their lack of closet space worries me, but there’s a whole unfinished basement to turn into the closet of my dreams, so it’s not totally a deal breaker.
Tiny, but very elegant bathroom!
cute-nashville-home-6 cute-nashville-home-7
The most perfect, tiny kitchen! Even thought the space is tight, it’s got plenty of counter space and cabinets. Plus the two open entrances make it feel a little bigger than it actually is.
cute-nashville-home-8 cute-nashville-home-9
What even is this room?! It’s so perfect. Converting the backroom area into a gorgeous and livable space was a great idea. Plus there’s TWO fireplaces? What? Amazing.
cute-nashville-home-10 cute-nashville-home-10a cute-nashville-home-11Oh and there’s a finished back shed?! YES PLEASE! In addition to the driveway and the garage, the boy and I would never have to fight over work space again. I’ll take it. Wrap it up please!

Well, a girl can dream anyway.

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