What I Wore: The Resort Wear Edition

I have never understood the whole resort wear thing in the winter time. Are there seriously that many people going on tropical vacations in the winter that we need a whole other fashion season for it? I’m not. Most working class people I know are not, so rich people must need a lot of palm print dresses. I don’t get it. It’s like a terrible tease when your sitting in your office on a 20 degree day. However, I do love that resort wear style for summer! Where it’s appropriate and makes sense. Like at a lighthouse oasis by the beach.

This past weekend I went to check out this lighthouse just north of Chicago in Evanston that I read about online one day. Unfortunately, I was thwarted in my attempt to take a tour because it was crazy hot outside and apparently being in a glass cage high up in the sky isn’t that great on 100 degree days. Go figure. Anyway, we got to walk around a bit and take some pictures. I should have figured, but didn’t realize that the lighthouse is right on this adorable little secluded beach. We didn’t have any beach gear with us at the time, but I need to go back before the summer is over!

The whole little park was surrounded by greenery and old buildings covered in vines. It’s a great place in Evanston to spend an afternoon! There was even a little house with an attached greenhouse that would be my dream home. We took pictures next to a local art museum. This little area was seriously cool.

Okay, now time to talk outfit. I’m seriously obsessed with my new Fjallraven Kanken backpack. It’s roomy, super light and is built tough. I’m taking it camping next week and probably everywhere I go from now on.  Love it. (Also, it makes me feel really cool in the city because everyone has those stupid Herschel Supply Co bags and no one has these. Don’t tell anyone. I’m a snob.) But anyway, it doesn’t really have anything to do with resort wear except that it makes for a great travel companion. But for lighthouse exploring, I decided to rock a Hawaiian print skirt and a tee with a beach scene on it. Seemed appropriate. Also, good walking sandals, since I was expecting to claim a bunch of stairs. This outfit ended up working perfectly for putzing around in the heat and checking out the gardens though!

Outfit Details:

Beach Scene T-shirt – J. Crew (on sale years ago, but they have some cute sale tees now!)
Hot Pink Hawaiian Print Vintage Skirt – Stranger Than Vintage shop
Brown Sandals – Modcloth
Fjallraven Kanken Backpack (seriously, get one. <3 <3)
Embroidery and Washer Necklace – Torch and Awl


I’m obviously a big fan of the hair flip shot. I blame the boy and his trigger finger. He’s not a very willing photographer. So I am totally into palm tree and tropical fruit prints. The Hawaiian print craze will have me emptying my wallet, but only in the summer time. If it’s not hot out, I’m not interested in your big floppy straw hats fashion industry! But kitschy vintage resort wear? Oh yea, I’m all about it.

So if you’re ever out in Evanston, make sure to check out the Grosse Point Lighthouse! Perfect for picnics and lazy people watching – all my favorite things! In the meantime, I’ll be running around in my tropical print playsuit until the weather man tells me I can’t any more. Enjoy the summer!

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