Warm Tones in a Stylish Apartment

The grass is always greener, am I right? I thought that what I wanted out of my new apartment was simple, clean lines and pops of color against an otherwise white backdrop. Well, sometimes it still is and other times it definitely isn’t. I was looking at my living room the other day thinking how much better it would look with some mixes of dark and light brown walls. Oy, I can never be satisfied.

This little Spanish apartment caught my eye for the richness in color and lack of color, obviously.


Lorenzo Castillo, the Madrid based interior designer, has a wonderful eye for patterns and textures. Everything that comes out of this design house is simply luxurious. But I love this space the most because of the combination of dark colors, bright metals, simple leathers, and subtle patterns. Why can’t I do this?



There’s an element of the traveler in this style, that I can’t quite place, but I adore! From the odd shaped, artifact-style trinkets around the home to the mix of fine and abstract art – all of it lends to a feeling of being in a museum or like a world traveler had picked up pieces along the way and stuck them in his home. It’s a perfect fit!

lorenzo_castillo_vivienda_santiago_0682-520x779 lorenzo_castillo_vivienda_santiago_0717-520x779lorenzo_castillo_vivienda_santiago_0768 lorenzo_castillo_vivienda_santiago_0781-520x779lorenzo_castillo_vivienda_santiago_0734 lorenzo_castillo_vivienda_santiago_0681-520x779


Oh hello, rustic and mid-centry modern kitchen. Where did you come from and how do I get one of you?

lorenzo_castillo_vivienda_santiago_0764-520x779 lorenzo_castillo_vivienda_santiago_0756 lorenzo_castillo_vivienda_santiago_0750-520x779

What are your thoughts? Would you live here?

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