Vacation State of Mind: Camping Trip! 

Oh heck yes, y’all. It’s been about a year since I last got to take a vacation and never have the boy and I been able to go on one together, so, needless to say, I am beyond excited that we get to do that soon! We’re going on a little week trip to Tennessee to check out Nashville and go camping in the great Smoky Mountains – with mountains…and bears. I’m a little nervous because it’s been years since I last went camping and never with anyone except my parents (and never where there were bear warnings!), but I’m really excited to get out of this stinky city for a while and see some mountains and waterfalls. Obviously, I’ve been planning and plotting what to wear and what to bring for weeks and I’m not bringing everything below, but I found some really cute camping gear as I was putting together my list. So, since I have camping on my mind, here are a few adorable camping themed thing I love!

Glamping Gear

1. Warby Parker 2. Bear T-Shirt  3. Jean Shorts 4. Black Sandals 5. Timex Watch 6. Full of Wander Journal 7. Light Jacket 8. New Balance Shoes 9. Fjallraven Backpack 10. Botanical Mug 11. Log Pillow

You can’t hit the trails without sunglasses, obviously, and a watch will come in handy when your phone is dead or you don’t want to carry it around. Although, I’m not sure how that works if you have a smart watch. What is the battery life on those things? Any way, a good, light jacket is a MUST (although, I’m still hunting for a rain jacket. Know where I can find a good one?) and comfortable shoes, of course. And I can’t ever go anywhere without a journal, because that’s what writers do. Now I’m struggling to figure out what book to bring. Do I want an adventure novel for my adventure? Something non-fiction so the boy and I can learn together? Or do I just want something light and easy because I probably won’t find any time to read anyway? Packing is so hard! I’m the worst packer. Mostly because I bring not enough clothes and too many things to keep me busy, like knitting, journals, and books. Anyone else pack like this?

We leave Friday and I’m already half-packed! I’ll update from the road with Instagram photos and anyone who has tips on places to visit in Nashville, please leave ’em in the comments!

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