Photo Diary: Tennessee Vacation

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you know I was just on a little Nashville-Smoky Mountains-Tennessee getaway and although I really wanted to update from the road, there’s not a whole lot of great reception in the mountains! Plus, I was also kind of trying to take a technology break. Anyway, since I’m still settling back in and unpacking, here’s a mini-update!


Nashville was a whole lot of fun. The city itself took me by surprise because I just thought it would be like every other big city, but it’s really in its infancy. There’s a whole lot of growing going on in Nashville and if you’re looking to buy or build, now is totally the time. I think there were new condos going up on every block we walked past. Downtown is a must-see, if you visit. None of the bars have cover and they all play live music! It’s my kind of scene. Oh! And everyone is so NICE. We’re not like that in Chicago. It took my off guard when people were checking to make sure they didn’t accidentally steal my seat at a bar. Who does that? We’re seat stealers here. Highlight: walking across the pedestrian bridge at night and finding cute little cafes and shops tucked away EVERYWHERE!


Smoky Mountains National Park did not disappoint. Fair warning, I do not have very much experience with mountains or national parks, but I had a blast. Getting to the top of the mountains and looking over those green ridges was breathtaking. I can’t imagine ever getting sick of that view. Especially since it changed so quickly with the weather. I got to walk through a cloud! And I saw a coyote! The first one was awesome, the second was kind of terrifying (it walked right next to me). We didn’t see any black bears, but I think I’m ok with that. Highlight: the view, definitely. Seeing the mountains from the top is so worth it.

Have you ever been to either place? What was your favorite part?


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