What I Wore: The Winter Coats Edition

The weather outside being frightful is an understatement. It’s a nightmare out here in the big, windy city right now. If it wasn’t so bitterly cold, I could have maybe enjoyed the first snow over this past weekend. I did, however, try to make the most of it for today outfit shoot!

Outfit Details:
Ballerina Skirt – Local boutique (similar skirt)
Chambray Shirt – Gap (one of my favorites, as you can see with these galaxy leggings)
Leopard Print Belt
Black Tights

With the weather turning cold, it’s important to have a reliable jacket. You know, something between a parka and a giant blanket that will survive the urban tundra. BUT, there are always days that require something warm and stylish. A girl can’t default to the parka every single day of the winter. Right? That’s part of the reason I love vintage jackets. Vintage coats are functional and stylish. Since they came in a time before the parka, they were made to be warm and always are. On top of that, they are stylish because vintage fashion was a cut above yoga pants and UGGS. Looking back at vintage fashion, you can always find silk gloves, fur collars, skirts, and lush fabrics. That makes a vintage coat the perfect addition to any girl’s wardrobe!

It’s tough to feel dainty or feminine in these cold winter days, but a fluffy tulle skirt and a sharp vintage jacket sure did the trick!

What’s your favorite way to beat the winter blues?

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