Monday Design: Country Home

I think I might secretly be a small town girl at heart. Although I wouldn’t really know since I’ve only ever lived in big cities. I probably would get bored if I moved out to some town where the downtown consisted of 6 city blocks. Unless of course I could live in a little country home like this one.

This little country cottage style home is so adorable. The fresh and modern french country design of the home is paired beautifully with upgraded rustic elements. This house has all those lamps, tables, chairs, and decorative elements that are sanded and brushed to look worn before that happens – when they’re still shiny and new.

 I love the neon bright pops of pink in this bedroom, especially compared to the neutral color pallet of the rest of the house.

These adorable branch jewelry holders look like something from! I’m such a sucker for everything on that website.

Are you a country or a city kind of person?

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